Say goodbye to manual labor.

Automatically review bank statements with over 99% accuracy

Generate customized analytics based on your business needs

Parse transactional data at lightning speed

Our platform analyzes document images from every financial institution.
E-statements, scans, and even cell phone pictures are supported.

Analytics tailored to your business

  • Track money movement and account balances
  • Identify missing or fraudulent information
  • Leverage machine learning for customized analytics

Connect directly to your data using PerfectAudit API.


Integration with our RESTful platform is simple & secure!

API plugs into SalesForce, other CRMs, underwriting models and more!

Customers are saying…

"PerfectAudit elevated our bank statement analysis capabilities to the next level. We highly recommend PerfectAudit to lenders who wish to scale more efficiently and improve credit risk."
Jim Granat, President & CRO
"Data entry is not a core component of our business. Ocrolus has become our trusted partner for bank statement reviews, allowing us to scale volume with a leaner underwriting staff. The industry’s been in need of a technology provider to extract and validate data with dependable accuracy; Ocrolus offers an elegant solution."
Sol Lax, CEO
Pearl Capital
"We deal with large volumes of bank statements each day and PerfectAudit assists us with our efficiency. The system is easy to use, and provides results quickly. Customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond."
Jessica Miguel, Analyst
“I just tried PerfectAudit for the first time and loved it. The software helps my growing niche practice take on more volume without committing resources to full time hires. Cloud-based storage lets me control who has access to confidential information, and ongoing dialogue with PerfectAudit representatives gives me the opportunity to offer feedback on features and suggestions for improvement. I emailed my representative after the free trail and said "I'm all in!”
Karen Webber, CPA
Forensic Accountant
“I want to thank you for providing such an amazing product to be used by our agency. PerfectAudit will be incredibly valuable to us in regard to allowing us to complete necessary financial analysis for our ongoing criminal investigations. It will both save us time and allow us to be open and complete more investigations than ever!”
Amy Doherty, Special Agent
Office of Special Investigations, GA Department of Revenue
“We found PerfectAudit to be an easy, efficient and effective way to use technology to support our work effort. A budgeted three-day assignment was accomplished in less than one day. We were pleased as was the client for the time saved. We were impressed with the accuracy of the work product. Since we had the benefit of having analyzed part of the data, we had a control group that gave us the confidence to move forward with your software. We look forward to using PerfectAudit again... and again!”
Stephen S Oscher
Oscher Consulting P.A.
PerfectAudit simplified [the investigation] process dramatically and enabled me to sort much faster and better by the use of the various search features- it is so efficient and fast, I was able to make numerous showing the extent of the theft from different angles. I am very pleased with the program. Thank you!”
Detective Lara Young
Investigative Services Division: Economic Crimes

Your Data, Secured

Ocrolus provides top security measures in concert with best-in-class AWS infrastructure, the same platform used by the NSA and DoD.

  • • Bank-Level AES-256 bit encryption
  • • SSL Authentication
  • • Multi-Factor Authentication

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