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Ocrolus Introduces New Cash flow-informed Credit Model

9 Sep 2021
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Advanced, data-driven solution provides business, consumer & ecommerce lenders an easy to deploy solution to evaluate default probability and set risk tolerance

NEW YORK, September 9, 2021 Ocrolus, the only automation platform that analyzes financial documents with over 99 percent accuracy, today announced the launch of a new Cash flow-informed Credit (CfiC) scoring program, which enables lenders to easily build credit scoring and risk tolerance models based on key cash flow analytics. The new product leverages Ocrolus’ industry-leading document classification and capture engine, which transforms unstructured documents into structured data sets, enabling automated fraud detection, advanced analytics, and financial calculations—eliminating manual work previously performed by multiple teams across the organization.

The CfiC program has a scoring component that leverages the extensive library of bank statement analytics available in the core Ocrolus platform, which provides insight into cash flow, transactions, balances, and debt capacity for individuals and businesses. Lenders can also use the data to customize their own risk models.

“CfiC modeling provides lenders with a detailed understanding of the unique financial dynamics of their customers and allows them to tightly link cash flow health with future repayment behavior” explains David Snitkof, Head of Analytics at Ocrolus. “They can identify individuals and businesses that they may not have approved using legacy credit bureau scores, opening up the potential for more business volume; conversely, the score will also reveal entities to whom they shouldn’t be lending, significantly reducing defaults.”

As part of the CfiC development process, Ocrolus worked with several lenders to review bank statements and digital bank data feeds that were used to document and fund thousands of small and medium business (SMB) loans. This retro analysis showed that adding Ocrolus cash-flow analytical features to lenders’ own data produced over a 20% uplift in predictive power compared to lenders’ existing bureau-based scoring methods.

Another early adopter leveraging the CfiC solution is Los Angeles-based small-business lender ForwardLine Financial, a long-time Ocrolus customer that uses Ocrolus’ retro analysis to customize its credit scoring and risk models.

“Two indicators of the success of our model are lower loss rates than other online lenders and higher renewal rates among our customers,” said Sri Kaza, CEO of ForwardLine Financial. “Both measurements can be attributed to our mission-based approach and our effective use of technology.”

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