Stepping Up the Fraud Prevention Game

An interview with Sam Bobley, CEO of Ocrolus in the October 2020 Technology edition of Mortgage Banker Magazine

Lenders’ legacy fraud detection models can often catch routine scams, but they may not be enough to prevent many scammers from slipping through the cracks as hundreds of thousands of borrowers are seeking COVID-19 relief.

Sam Bobley, Ocrolus co-founder & CEO, recently spoke with The Mortgage Banker Magazine’s Brian Honea about how lenders can reduce the likelihood of fraud through upgraded processes that catch fraud quicker and more seamlessly.

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In what ways are fraudsters known to be taking advantage of relief programs such as the CARES Act?
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What method do fraudsters use that is the most difficult to detect?
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In what ways have mortgage lenders and servicers stepped up their fraud prevention?

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