What Congress Got Right with PPP, and What It Should Do Next for Small Businesses

Ocrolus, a fintech specialized in gathering data and information from financial documents, offered lenders the infrastructure to rapidly cull information from PPP applications. From the fintechs’ success, we know that small-dollar loans, simple applications, and fast turnaround are desperately needed,…

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HousingWire Demo Day: Income Analysis for Self-Employed Borrowers

Ocrolus partnered with HousingWire to share our solution for self-employment income verification with their forward-thinking community of mortgage professionals. In this HousingWire demo, Ocrolus’ Sipho Simla, Head of Mortgage Strategy, and Christine Ponder-Stern, Mortgage Product Manager, show how Ocrolus can….

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Investors Say These 38 Fintechs are the Next Generation of Breakout B2B Stars, Following in the Footsteps of Stripe and Plaid

Business Insider surveyed 27 investors on the hottest fintechs that cater to businesses. When it comes to early-stage investing, any investor will tell you that there’s more risk. That said, there’s also more reward for backers willing to bet on…

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Interview: Ocrolus Co-Founder Discusses Frontlines of PPP, Why FinTech Leads the Charge

The Tokenist recently sat down with John Guerci, co-founder and Director of Strategy for Ocrolus. Throughout the economic downturn spurred by COVID-19, Ocrolus has helped over one million businesses apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). John Guerci was kind…

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The Aftermath: What Industry Experts Had to Say About The Future Alignment of People and Data

Broker Fair Virtual took the chance to explore these new perspectives in The Aftermath, a panel featuring Moshe Kazimirsky, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Become; Heather Francis, CEO of Elevate Funding; and David Snitkof, Head of Analytics…

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How to Deploy RPA Responsibly in the COVID-19 Era

However, automation can be brittle as processes change over time. Industry-focused companies such as supply chain (Slync.io), finance (Ocrolus), and healthcare (Notable Health, Olive AI), or departmentally focused solutions such as accounts payable (Stampli) and user interface (MesmerHQ), can contextualize data…

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4 Fintech Startups Changing The Game In NYC

As this year’s Benzinga Global Fintech Awards ceremony approaches, we’re featuring some of the next disruptors in the financial technology space. Here are four more New York City startups poised to make a splash in the sector.

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Top 10 Fintech Innovators Under 30

Sam Bobley is co-founder and CEO of Ocrolus, a fintech infrastructure company that can transform documents into actionable data. The platform is powered by AI and boasts a 99% accuracy rate in its readings. It can connect directly into customer…

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Inventions Still Need a Human Touch

The inventor’s name under an application to the European Patent Office reads as ‘Dabus’. But Dabus is not human. It is a machine. And by applying for a patent in its name, Dabus’s owner was attempting to change the very…

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Ocrolus Launches PPP Loan Forgiveness Solution With Audit Trail

Ocrolus Inc., a financial technology company, has released an addition to its namesake product that enables lenders to automate the classification and extraction of data from documents required to convert SBA Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans into forgivable grants, the…

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