Process financial documents and digital banking data in a normalized, hyper-accurate format

  • Ingest documents and digital data streams through a single API
  • Corroborate data from documents with source data from financial institutions
  • Detect document modifications and synthetic identities

Fintech Leaders Explaining the Impact of Ocrolus+

Use Cases

  • Mortgage origination
  • Loan underwriting
  • Customer onboarding (KYC)
  • Invoicing
  • Backfile data extraction


Extract, validate and structure data from images of any format or quality.

Connect digital data sources to corroborate data from documents and refresh accounts.

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Leverage reconciliation and arithmetic checks to identify suspicious documents and missing pages.

Defend against the saviest fraudsters with file tampering detection and synthetic fraud analysis.

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Make sense of transactional data with cash flow analytics; evaluate risk to inform pricing.

Deploy advanced analytics and scoring; generate next generation, custom-made credit models.

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