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Automate your underwriting workflows, end-to-end

Build streamlined, data-driven experiences with industry leading document infrastructure

The world’s top fintech lenders rely on Ocrolus technology to deliver financial services to their business and consumer customers. Win market share with faster approval times and more sophisticated risk modeling.

Pairing automated document and data processing with fraud detection and detailed cash flow analytics empowers you to onboard customers more efficiently, manage risk, and scale with confidence. Ocrolus enables you to assess every borrower with a unified and comprehensive approach. 

Improve underwriting with cash flow analytics

Build a deeper picture of businesses and consumers

Understand the seasonality of cash flow

Predict the risk of default with cash-flow-based risk models

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Lower customer acquisition costs

Quickly process the broadest possible range of borrower-submitted data

Efficiently test new partner channels with consistently low processing costs

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Scale with confidence

Combine advanced machine learning with high-precision quality controls

Stop spending precious time on custom template development and ongoing maintenance

Free up your resources to work on more strategic tasks

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Our API documentation includes guides, references and tutorials that show you what it’s like to work with Ocrolus.

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