Data Analyst
New York NY

Analyze and interpret acquired data from internal/external data sources and develop ETL process, mapping system and optimize efficiency and data quality using SAS/R, SQL; Design and maintain databases for supporting new business models, reporting requirements using R, SQL, categorical data analysis; Analyze the complex datasets and create models to interpret and predict trends or patterns in the customer base usingtime series analysis and forecasting, linear regression analysis (multivariate, simple/multiple linear regression); Develop analytical frameworks and set KPI metrics to monitor business and operational performance.

Must have a Master’s Degree in Statistics, Biostatistics, or Applied Mathematics plus skills and knowledge in SAS/R, Time series analysis and forecasting, Linear Regression analysis (multivariate, simple/multiple linear regression), SQL, categorical data analysis.

Job location: New York, NY. Submit résumé referencing job code XIG001 to HR, OCROLUS, Inc., 40 Exchange Place, Suite 1110, NY, NY, 10005.