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Streamlining the SBA Payroll Protection Program with Fintech Infrastructure

Last Friday was day one for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and by most accounts, chaos reigned. Many approved SBA lenders decided not to participate without more clarity on the underwriting due diligence expected from the Treasury Department and/or…

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Lender Infrastructure Key to Managing SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program

From seeding new growth initiatives to funding expansion plans, small business lenders are always in search of opportunities where they can come through for their customers in times of need. But the coronavirus crisis is providing them with perhaps the…

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What Traditional Lenders can Learn from Sears & Walmart

The divergence of digitization in commercial lending is comparable to the retail wars of the past three decades. Consider the paths of two retail giants in the late 20th century: Sears and Walmart. Sears embraced traditional brick and mortar stores,…

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