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Ocrolus Welcomes Michael Manne As Its First Chief Revenue Officer

Ocrolus is modernizing the way financial documents are analyzed with artificial intelligence and human-in-the-loop validation. The company is pleased to announce the newest addition to its executive team with the appointment of Michael Manne as its first Chief Revenue Officer.…

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Ocrolus Announces Gold Sponsorship of NYC Fintech Women

Ocrolus is delighted to announce a gold sponsorship of NYC Fintech Women, a community of women fintech executives, founders, and engineers, who are opening Wall Street’s doors by facilitating access to education, community, and coaching. Founded in 2017, NYC Fintech…

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Ocrolus Adds Senior Technical Leadership

Ocrolus has a mission to make financial decisioning faster and more accurate at scale. The company has seen tremendous growth since its inception and has proven the value of its solutions to customers. As we continue our growth into new…

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How to Effectively Work From Home: 13 Tips From Team Ocrolus

Before COVID19, only 7% of workers in the United States had the option to work remotely, according to the World Economic Forum. In our current state, telecommuting is not just a perk of working for a progressive company, but a…

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Ocrolus VP of Solutions Nicole Newlin Named to NYC Fintech Women Leadership Team

Story by Melissa Hougie, Director of Marketing, with Q&A from Nicole Newlin, VP of Solutions We’re proud to announce that Nicole Newlin, VP of Solutions at Ocrolus, has joined NYC Fintech Women’s leadership team. Nicole brings first-hand experience navigating financial…

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